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by Dudley Pope This is the fourth book in the Lord Ramage series.Ramage is in command of the brig HMS Triton.They have been assigned to escort a trade convoy across the Caribbean from Barbados to Jamaica, along with several frigates and the Admiral’s flagship.

Pope lets fly with the action and political intrigue. A French privateer cons his way into the convoy and attempts to capture a precious cargo. An unseasonable hurricane puts everyone in danger.The HMS Triton is dismasted and is at the mercy of winds and currents.They become shipwrecked on a hostile shore.Ramage and crew capture a Spanish garrison, find a Spanish treasure and capture a Spanish cargo ship to get them to Jamaica.Oh, after all that he is then court-martialed and Pope writes a great court scene.

The book is lots of fun, sort of impossible adventures by Ramage and crew.The book is well written and moves at a fast pace with lots of sailing and Royal Navy lore. I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible. Steven Crossley narrated the book.

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