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by C.J. Connolly Vive La Différance has been awarded a Silver Medal by the Mom's Choice Awards honoring excellence in family-friendly media, products and servces.

Award Category: Children's Picutre Books - Values & Life Lessons.

Vive La Différance the 5th book in the Adventures of Wil and Mr. T series. The stories are told in rhyme and accompanied by engaging illustrations. Each book in the series focuses on delivering an important life lesson in a subtle way. Mr. T, the “sage” of the series, is a wise old flea, who helps Wil, accompanied by his dog - Fitz, learn life lessons as they are busy having everyday adventures, often including one or more members of Mr. T’s extended flea family.

In this book, Mr. T, who is a very smart flea, avoids an invasion of a French Foreign Fleagion of fleas, much to Fitz’s delight. He also helps Wil understand that it is the differences in people that make life interesting and worthwhile. Instead of wanting everyone to be just like him, Wil ends up humming “Vive la Différance!”

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