Antler Dust (Allison Coil Mystery #1) PDF

by Mark Stevens After reading Antler Dust, I'm hooked on the Allison Coil series by Mark Stevens. Stevens raises the mystery to high literary art with his stunning prose and unforgettable characters. Although we learn early on who committed each of two murders, the novel progressively deepens in psychological complexity. Motives, ethics, personalities, and agendas intertwine against the vivid backdrop of the Colorado Flat Tops wilderness. Hunting guide Allison Coil guides the reader through the twists of the plot, from crime and animal rights to the contradictions of the New West, until they unravel in surprising ways. The writing is superb, as with Allison's observation about a coming snowstorm that "the air smelled like it was gaining weight." And her insight that "Death, she had learned, is simply a corpse you carry around underneath your skin. Until one day it pops free." A great read, highly recommended.

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