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by Shaun Gallagher This book is terrible. You will actually be dumber after reading it.

As they say in the military: "the only thing worse than no intelligence, is bad intelligence."

In the introduction, the author admits that "the statistics presented in this book do not stand up to professional scrutiny." This is proven throughout the book by common sense, and makes any data presented pointless.

There are a few 1-page "Statisics 101" informationals presented, with some very basics behind statistics listed; none of which are followed in the data capture this book is based on!

Here are some examples of how far-off the statistics presented are:

• 60% of people stay in the movie theater until the credits end
• 62% of people want to be cremated
• 63% of people have read The Chronicles of Narnia
• 42% of people prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate
• 43% of people are homeowners
• 45% of people are homeowners
• 54% of people know what their Meyers-Briggs personality type is
• 67% of people have excellent credit
• 61% of people have a bicycle
• 51% of people would not get their son circumcised

These numbers are so out-of-wack with actual statistics from reputable sources, any 'correlations' culled from them are about as valid as a horoscope.

It depresses me that some people will quote this book & view it as valid simply because it is printed in hard copy.

Put simply: avoid.

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