The Lupane Legacy (Joshua Denham and Devon Kerr, #1) PDF

by Darby G. Holladay In 1983 Patrick Khumalo, out gathering firewood for his mother, sees his entire village in rural Zimbabwe massacred. A family of white Rhodesian settlers take him in and raise him as their own. Twenty-nine years later he sends an urgent message to their daughter Constance, once his playmate and now a classical violinist living in Austria.

On the other side of the world, in Washington, DC, Joshua Denham is at an Austrian Embassy function to see his cousin Constance perform. As the first note is struck, the woman who’s haunted his thoughts for the past year—a private banker he last saw in Kyrgyzstan—sits down at the end of his row. New possibilities fill his mind . . . but Devon isn’t quite what she seems.

Constance is acting strangely, too. Her abrupt disappearance is followed by a desperate call from her estranged father Roger, begging for Joshua’s help: Constance is in deep trouble. Joshua, Devon, and Roger must track her down to an abandoned farmhouse in Zimbabwe’s Lupane District, and to an explosive reckoning with the ghosts of the Rhodesian Bush War.

The Lupane Legacy is a story of tangled family ties, of the long shadow of history, of revenge, betrayal, and redemption, and of two people finding a new beginning.

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