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by Paul Schullery I picked up this nicely bound paperback off the shelf at the bookstore at Yellowstone NP. It is my first exposure to this prolific northwest author, fly fisherman and western historian. Here he has taken the Journals of Lewis and Clark and those from the other diarists of the Corps of Discovery and isolated those references to the bears of the upper Missouri and the northwest in general. He recounts their encounters and then elaborates on the significance of them. Lewis and Clark did this country a great service by making an sincere attempt to present the west scientifically as possible in 1805-6. Unfortunately the"hype" and lurid romanticism of later 19th century accounts tended to distort our perception of these Urses Horriblus creatures to the point that only recent years have brought us to true understanding of these remarkable beasts. He shares his knowledge of the variations of the species in size, colorizations and temperament and points out that both Lewis and Clark and their co-travelers realized that there were only two species of bears in the continental US. The smaller Black bears of the east and far western coastal area and the northwest large bear we commonly call The Grizzly Bear. Unfortunately because of the 200 years of slaughtering the great bear, all we are left with in the wild are small fragmented remains of a great wide population that ranged from central North Dakota, through the Upper Missouri area into the Rocky Mountains. This has prompted me to radically increase my study of an exciting era and area of our national heritage.

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