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by Tim Delaney This forward-looking text approaches the study of the environment from two academic disciplines—sociology and philosophy. Both sociologists and philosophers have concerns about our environment's ability not only to sustain itself, but also to reach a point where it can actually thrive. This book examines the differences between "sustainability" and "thrivability" and discusses such topics as sociological and philosophical environmentalism, the ecosystem, and mass extinctions. It provides a review of some of the major human causes (e.g., hydro-fracking, the use of plastics, food waste, deforestation, and poor agriculture practices) that will likely bring about the sixth mass extinction. It considers the skepticism toward humans as the cause of a deteriorating environment and details nature's adverse role in harming the environment. It examines ways to help the environment thrive, and discusses the concept of "environmental happiness." Finally, the text gives reasons why choosing a thrivability approach is not only possible but beneficial, and discusses practical ways in which thrivability can be taught, both in academic settings and through community efforts.

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