An American Journey PDF

by Joseph S. Bonsall

Nineteen-seventy-three was a watershed year for American music, because the already refined sound of the Oak Ridge Boys quartet matured into the legendary four-part harmony that set the entertainment world on fire.

Gospel had enjoyed their talent for years. Now, Richard Sterban?s bottomless bass, Joe Bonsall?s distinctive tenor, Duane Allen?s resonant lead, and William Lee Golden?s soulful baritone converged and started a blaze that still burns??in stadiums, arenas, and concert halls across America.

Building on their three decades? worth of success, the group is going strong ? making music, loving family, friends, and fans. Their story is inspiring and American through-and-through. Faith. Joy. Tears. Memories. Most of all, eyes ever set on the future.

This collection of gorgeous photographs, sweet memories, and the oaks? own Joe Bonsall?s behind the scene narrative will be treasured by the group?s legion of fans.

So come on, join the journey. That ol?highway rolls on forever.

144 pages 9 X 10 7/8 Case

The public knows Joe Bonsall as a thirty-year member of the American music group, ?The Oak Ridge Boys.? He is the energetic one on the end singing the high harmonies and lead vocals. Joe is also an avid songwriter and successful author. For relaxation, he retreats to his farm on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.

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