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by Mark Kneece In a time not unlike our own, two women are among the last people left behind in New York City, struggling to survive as the thermometer reaches an unbearable 140°. Almost overnight, modern-day conveniences have become luxuries and humans are pushed to their limits. As the climate grows more hostile, could these be the final days of life on Earth?

One of most ground-breaking shows in the history of television, The Twilight Zone has become a permanent fixture in pop culture. This new graphic novel series re-imagines the show’s most enduring episodes, in all their original uncut glory, originally written by Rod Serling himself, and now adapted for a new generation—a generation that has ridden Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorTM ride, studied old episodes in school, watched the annual marathons, and paid homage to the show through the many random take-offs that show up in movies and TV shows everywhere.

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