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NOTE: I read and reviewed this book alongside of RG3: The Promise). If there are any references or comparisons to "the other book" (or anything to that effect), that's the book I'm talking about. Okay, here we go...

I read Ted Kluck’s book first. Actually, I started reading them both simultaneously – switching back and forth depending on where I was and whether I had a copy with me – but that quickly got confusing due to overlapping accounts and details. So, to be fair to both books (and avoid unfounded complaints about repetition), I took turns and this one came first.

This book was informative and easy to read, covering the story of RGIII in what seemed like “real time” as his rookie season unfolded. At times, though, it was odd in the level of detail. There were many sections that assumed the reader was quite familiar with the “X’s and O’s” of the game. And sometimes, these would be followed by sections that took the reader’s hand and explained the most basic terms and concepts. It’s an imbalance that can be charming, but also can frustrate both sides of the spectrum.

Another incongruence is the connection between the content and the title. Athlete, Leader, Believer. The three terms that comprise the subtitle make bold claims, claims that remain largely unexplored by the end of the book. Yes, is a lot of discussion on the surface that RGIII is athletic and a good leader, but nothing much beyond what has already been reported (and repeated) by various sports outlets. And, perhaps most strikingly, the concept of RGIII as a “Believer” was understated at best.

All in all, though, this is a solid book for football fans or budding football fans. While it might not address the components its title suggests, Kluck does walk readers through the season while providing a detailed history of the quarterback position in the NFL.

A few personal notes… First, I often expected to be reading about Tim Tebow whenever I picked up this book. I’m not quite sure if it was the color scheme on the cover, the general tone of the book, or the fairly generic treatment of the content. Second, I can’t believe that amidst the discussion of “running quarterbacks” or “quarterbacks who ran and threw” not once did Kluck draw any comparisons to John Elway, who is perhaps the most apt comparison. And finally, I particularly enjoyed the detailed coverage of the Atlanta Falcons game (in which RGIII left due to a concussion) because I was at that game. I’m pretty sure Kluck and I would get along well and enjoy watching and analyzing a game together.

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