Why Eat Healthy? Healthy Eating Habits PDF

by Eileen Green Why Eat Healthy? Let's find out...
Family to adults without children oriented, this book has 20 mouth-watering recipes aimed to be a favorite taste! Vegetarianrecipes are a bounty...
So, if you are a college student, away from home for the first time, a senior with friends, or anywhere in between, this book is for you!Healthy eating habits are a treasure in today's weight conscience society. A great gift for everyone...

Secret 1: Certain Foods Cause Gain!
Secret 2: Processed Foods Contain Harmful Chemicals And A Bounty Of Sugars.
Secret 3: Not All Fats Are Bad…
Secret 4: Real/Quality Foods Are Simple!
Recipes: 20 Mouth Watering Recipes Prepared Anywhere... Eating Healthy!
(Vegetarian And Meat Recipes...To The Most Pleasing Of Palates).
Secret 5: Volume Eats & Metabolic Body Typing Win The Race!
BMI: Body Metabolic Index
Secret 6: No Diets! Make A Family Lifestyle Change!
Secret 7: Balance Is Important...
Food, Lowered Stress, and Exercise.
Other Ways Of Finding One's Percent Of Body Fat
Secret 8: Professional Assistance Is Key!

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