Lady Strumpet (Demons of Dunmore, #2) PDF

by Gia Dawn They say that love is blind...too bad it's not, it sure would help.

Return again to Westmyre in this second installation of the Demons of Dunmore series.

When the elegant architect Wynn meets Lady Jane Seville—ex-tavern wench and trollop—they clash like the outrageous colors of her clothes, her temper and fiery passion sending him to realms of frustrated arousal he has never known before.

The stakes are high. The king has promised Wynn the position of Lord High Mason...but only if he can marry Jane and gain her newly restored title. Jane, however, is jaded by a lifetime spent on the fringes of society, and is unwilling to reclaim her heritage due to the tragic circumstances of her past.

Wynn has issues of his own. Born albhus, with no pigmentation in his skin or hair, he has spent his entire life climbing the ranks of his profession in order to fit in and be accepted by the upper-class elite. Jane has no such intentions.

Can these two opposites learn to love?

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