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by L.R. Currell This is the third book in The Tasty Trio Series.

Stricken with guilt for the murder of an innocent, Tammy has a hard time bouncing back and getting on with the task of surviving. Despite Buck and Denny’s best efforts, she feels an emptiness inside that she cannot fill.

Erica, now suffering from a classic case of Stockholm syndrome agrees to pair up with Hank as a result of Toby’s death. The two of them together, will become a formidable nemesis against the trio. Before the pair catch up to the trio though, Hank and Erica are distracted by a new danger. They run into a group of survivors whose intentions are as unclear and as difficult to interpret as their own.

Buck, Tammy and Denny locate an Apache Indian reservation where they are given much needed refuge. They also meet a charismatic Irish priest who was doing missionary work with the Apache when the outbreak started.
Soon though, despite their best efforts, they somehow manage to outstay their welcome. The experience teaches the three of them a lot and they grow more cohesive as a result of their time there.

The group now realizes that they must make it to Mexico. They have covered their last miles at a slow pace putting them in the way of unnecessary danger. Buck is now determined to lead his family to safety quickly, no matter the cost.

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