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by Philip Norman When sheridan's mrs malaprop made her immortal reference to 'allegories on the banks of the nile' she was not inventing, merely appropriating, the foible that bears her name.for as long as english has existed as a language, people have been taking the most elaborate pains to speak it mal apropos - and have in the process created imagery more brilliant and beguiling than any mere mot juste.from shakespeare's dogberry to the daily telegraph's william deedes, malapropists have been beloved members of society, cherished by those they innocently convulse with their linguistic pratfalls and mid-air collisions.'your walrus hurt the one you love' is a hilarious journey through the surreal world of the malapropist, introducing us along the way to - the back sufferer who consulted an 'octopus';the lady who went to hospital to have her 'aviaries' removed;the middle-aged man suffering from a 'midwife' crisis'; exotic malapropist foodstuffs such as 'fruit compost', 'tomato catspit' and 'smoky bunion crisps' - aircraft emitting 'masonic' bangs and sunsets containing 'all the colours of the rectum' - the inexhaustible malapropist treasury of the british cleaning lady.with contributions from the princess of wales, president ronald reagan, john lennon, samuel goldwyn, thor heyerdahl and the combined malapropists of the british and american media, philip norman acclaimed author of 'shout' and 'the stones' turns his acute powers of observation and command of the english language to an ideal subject - malapropisms....

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