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by R.C. Sproul This is bare-bones gospel. Sproul, as always, delivers loads of meat for spiritual consumption, but in little over a hundred pages. He clears up many misconceptions and caricatures about what salvation is by answering the questions, "Saved from what?", "Saved by what", and "Saved for what?" A tremendous evangelistic tool, and also a great reminder to Christians who all need to have the gospel preached to them daily, because it is such a counter-intuitive concept. Sproul keeps this book easy to read and easy to understand, but any Christian will learn something from a reading. While this is bare-bones, basic gospel, Sproul puts skin on it with his helpful illustrations and personal anecdotes which make you feel like you're learning from a really smart friend. My one minor criticism of the book is that it does not touch on the new-creation aspect of salvation in the "Saved for what?" section. That is barely a criticism for a book so short, because he still manages to hit nearly everything he could be expected to hit on in this brief survey of soteriology. Fantastic read.

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