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by A. Moret Originally published between 1920-70, the aim of the general editor, C.K. Ogden, was to summarize the most up-to-date findings and theories of historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and sociologists. This reprinted material is available as a set or in the following groupings: Prehistory and Historical Ethnography set of 12: 0-415-15611-4 (u800); Greek Civilization set of 7: 0-415-15612-2 (u450); Roman Civilization set of 6: 0-415-15613-0 (u400); Eastern Civilizations set of 10: 0-415-15614-9 (u650); Judaeo-Christian Civilization set of 4: 0-415-15615-7: (u250); European Civilization set of 11: 0-415-15616-5 (u700)."

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