Identity and the Modern Organization PDF

by Caroline A. Bartel

Identity and the Modern Organization presents a lively exchange of ideas among psychology and management scholars on the realities of modern organizational life and their effect on the identities that organizations and their members cultivate. This book bridges the domains of psychology and management to facilitate a multi-disciplinary, multi-level integration of theory and research on identity processes.

The volume highlights answers to important questions raised by shifting organizational forms and arrangements, such as:

How are identity processes affected by, and how do they affect, the motivations of individuals and organizations?
How do identity and identification shape the social processes that unfold between individuals and groups?
How do strong versus weak contexts affect identity processes as the boundaries of organizations and social categories within them become more permeable?

An effective tool for understanding a wide variety of organizational phenomena, this book is intended for scholars and students in the fields of management, organizational theory, organizational behavior, social psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology.

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