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by Laura Taxel Cleveland Ethnic Eats is an insider's guide to the world of food served on the plates of Cleveland's ethnic restaurants and sold in the aisles of Cleveland's ethnic markets.

The second edition of this #1 bestseller (Plain Dealer Best Seller List) adds 80 new listings for a whopping total of 297 authentic ethnic restaurants and markets. All entries have been completely updated and revised to accurately describe the dining experience available at each ethnic eatery.

Detailed entries tell what you'll need to know about each place to decide if it's right for you. A quick-reference section gives ethnic specialty, location, phone number, price range (one to five dollar signs), and atmosphere (from Casual to Formal). A lengthy description includes details about the menu (particularly house specialties), decor, and even a little historical background. Finally, each entry gives complete information about hours, reservations, credit cards and checks, bar, takeout, smoking, and handicapped access. Market entries list the ethnic foods that can be found there, including prepared meals. An appendix lists local ethnic festivals held throughout the year. Several indexes make it easy to locate restaurants by nationality, location, and price range. An Idea Index offers choices by unusual specialties, under headings such as "Take the Kids," "Al Fresco," "Perfect for Parties," or "By Dawn's Early Light."
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