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by Sue Henry Alaska is a great place to visit… and a bad place to die

It is said that when the first snow of early winter—the "termination dust"—starts to fall, it's time for visitors to leave Alaska's wonders behind.

For some, it's already too late.

Jim Hampton's Yukon vacation takes a turn for the worse when he discovers a prospector's diary from the 1800s. And it dies when the rugged outdoorsman is arrested for the gruesome slaying of a controversial ex-Senator. But Alex Jensen isn't convinced of Hampton's guilt. And the dedicated state trooper is ready to track the bitter truth through the treacherous snows of the Yukon wilderness—and in the pages of a mysterious, hundred-year-old journal, which describes crimes remarkably similar... and deadly.

Praise for Sue Henry

—Kirkus Reviews (Termination Dust)

—The Mystery Review (Termination Dust)

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