Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! PDF

by Bob Barner Genre: Concept book
Grade: Kindergarten-1st

This colorful book goes through several different bugs that children are familiar with. Each bug is shown on a two page spread with text that tells a little something about it. For example, "Bees buzzing by flowers that smell so sweet." The last word on each page rhymes with the last word on the page after it. This adds some rhythm to the book. The end of the book has a picture of each bug that represents the actual size of the bug.The last two pages of the book has a chart called the "Bug-O-Meter." Each bug is listed at the top and the questions down the side are, Can it fly?, Where does it live?, How many legs?, and Does it sting? The chart is filled in with correct answers. I thought this was a really cute book for young children to learn more about bugs.

1. As a class the students could make there own "Bug-O-Meter". The students could go outside and see if they can find any of the bugs that are listed on the chart. When the bugs are found the students can list what they found out on their chart. If they are unable to find the bug they can use the knowledge they already have and what they learned from the book to fill in their chart.

2. As a class the students could come up with one or two more bugs and discuss what they know about them. They could even add these new bugs to their chart and/or write new lines for these bugs that could be added to the book.

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