Hunted (Devon Hurst, #1) PDF

by Pippa DaCosta (Out of print ~ not available).

Devon Hurst thought he had escaped his past... Subsisting among the ruins of a world torn apart by a devastating vampire virus, Devon wants to forget the man he once was and focus on protecting his wife and child from the wretched vampires that stalk them. The struggle for survival is relentless, but together they have hope. That is until a vampire that defies all the rules comes hunting.

Having harnessed the virus running through his veins, Lucas is not like the pitiful infected that roam the abandoned towns. Far more deadly, he has the family in his sights and it's not blood he wants, but revenge. 'Hunted' is approximately 45 pages (1hr read time) and is the prequel to the full length novel 'Within'. Find out more at

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