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by Kathleen Lash Galactic Lust, Book Four Sage needs a vacation from her grueling responsibilities as CEO. After years of service, she spends one luxurious day away before she's kidnapped and sold into submission. The only events in her immediate future appear to be pain and torture in a dungeon of sexual perversity. Jacob Ryker and his people have been enslaved for nearly fourteen months. In a perverse move of control, his captor gifts him with a fire-haired woman to train in the ways of submission. But Jacob plans to regain control of his remote outpost and he cannot afford to be distracted now-and Sage is nothing if not a distraction. If they are both to survive the coming days, Jacob and Sage must reach an agreement and act the part of a Master and meek under the watchful eyes of a brutal captor. As they navigate their unusual relationship, both come to realize the biggest danger to their future may just be the unexpected love between them. A Romantica(r) science fiction erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

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