The Oldest Living Vampire In Love (Oldest Living Vampire Saga #3) PDF

by Joseph Duncan The Next Chapter in the Chronicles of the Oldest Living Vampire!

"I knew pain. I have lived with pain from the moment I was made a vampire. The hunger for blood is a constant, gnawing ache, relieved only momentarily by its satiation. I have thrown myself from great heights. I have been crushed to pulp in the crevasse of a glacier. I should not be frightened at the prospect of confronting the God King, and yet I was, and that fear troubled me."

As Khronos, the God King of the vampires, expands his corrupt empire, Gon and his fellow exiles must form an army of immortals powerful enough to challenge the father of their race. Meanwhile, in present day Germany, the oldest living vampire draws ever closer to the land of his birth... and his ultimate fate.

Lonely, tired and disillusioned, the immortal Gon desires only one thing: a release from the shackles of his unending existence. And his bloodthirsty new fledgling, the sociopathic Lukas Jaeger, is only too willing to accommodate him!

A best seller since its debut in 2010, The Oldest Living Vampire Saga is like no other vampire series for adults you've ever read!

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