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by Ellyn Davis One of the first things new companies do is hammer out a statement of vision and purpose, commonly called a Mission Statement. Large companies may spend years and millions of dollars developing and refining their mission statement. Why? Because the mission statement defines what the company is all about, what its primary values are, what distinguishes it from all the other companies out there, and what it hopes to accomplish—in other words, its unique meaning and purpose. The mission statement provides the foundation for the corporate culture and the public perception that the company tries to achieve. It also provides a framework for a more comprehensive Vision Statement that encompasses how the company plans to put its mission statement into action.

If you really think about it, your family is like a smaller version of a company, so you need a Mission Statement as well as a Vision Statement.

A Vision Statement takes the fundamental essence of “what your family is about—the family’s mission statement—and elaborates on it to give a more complete picture of who the family is, how it operates, what it values, and the culture it wants to create. The Vision Statement then becomes not only a guideline for how the family conducts itself in every area of operation but also a roadmap for where it intends to go in the future.

If, as the Bible says, “without a vision, the people perish,” creating a Family Vision Statement can inspire vision and support healthy family life. It will cause you to re-examine your attitudes, motives, and behavior. The very process of developing a Family Vision Statement will draw the family closer together.

We primarily need a Family Vision Statement because it can become a stable anchor within a constantly changing world demanding our time and attention. A Family Vision Statement allows us to clearly see and understand our family’s priorities so that we don’t get distracted and caught up in things that won’t contribute to our overall goals and purpose. It allows us to ignore the things that aren’t priorities and focus in on the things that are. It declares your purpose as a family and serves as the standard against which the individual members weigh their actions and decisions.

In this book, you will not only learn why it is important for your family to create its own Vision Statement, but you will also be led through a six step process of first, determining your family’s “mission” and purpose and then expanding on that to develop an ongoing vision for your family

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