Tennessee! (Wagons West, #17) PDF

by Dana Fuller Ross WAGONS WEST

Gingham-clad girls, twangy-speeched hillbillies, and lush green hollows among rugged mountains made Tennessee the natural birthplace of pioneers. But so rich was teh countryside, so sweet the land, that carpetbaggers came to steal the farms of down-home folk, and scoundrels brought violence to the streets of sleepy Memphis town- until bajo pickers' songs gave way to the crack of rifles and the terror of women's screams.

TENNESSEE! Ambition drives the brave to great deeds, the unscrupulous to great evil. And a Washington politician had both ambition and money enough to hatch a dark plot to threaten America's cherished democracy. The heat of the conspiracy law amid Tennessee's secluded hills, where outlaws and misfits formed a powerful private army. Now secret orders from the Whit House named the legendary frontiersman, Toby Holt-son of the great wagonmaster Whip Holt- to take a desperate stand against the deadly renegades. But another danger awaited this fighting man: an extraordinary woman, too hold-blooded and beautiful to even happily married Toby Holt to resist... As the steamy Southern nights promised forbidden love and terrifying showdown, a young nation's steady gunhand of one courageous man in TENNESSEE!

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