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by Dan Cruickshank This book is an excellent read. It is meticulously researched, and very well presented. There is a wealth of information, and many, many names. What I like, is that when a name crops up at a page, he refers you back you an earlier page, so you can go back and refresh your memory. An excellent tool indeed.

The book is timely, in that it does great service to the women who have often been abused by people of power. Some of these women rose to power, and then died in misery. The tale of Ann Bell is really sad indeed. It is also very interesting to see how many characters of British fiction have been modeled on the players who walked on the world's stage at that time. It does shed clarity on the mores and morals of the times, and some of the poetry is really quite explicit. Good poetry, and well done!

The book opened my eyes to the happenings of the times, and I must say that I was quite riveted by the book.

A book I recommend to any history buff.

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