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by Damien Darby After fourteen years in the fitness industry as a gym member as well as a trainer I have arrived at one sobering reality, the conventional health and exercise business simply doesn't work. Not for the majority of the individuals out there in the depths of technologically based societies. However, I know one system that works because it has helped me survive my life up to this point. It has allowed me to handle the difficulties of being me, and the human condition in general. It has assisted many other people reach their goals physically as well, while also giving them a much more useful perspective of a wellness centered approach to exercise and food.

I decided to write this after being run out of the physical trainer business. They were trying to turn my clients into dollars bills, and me into a salesman. Furthermore my final client, an amazing guy whom I now consider a friend, who had never stepped foot in a gym in his life, or ever considered eating differently, in the span of a few months completely transformed himself and won a fitness challenge. What I had taught myself night after lonely night in the gym on my own for more than a decade, made it possible for this man to take his wife on a vacation for their ten year anniversary. That is what being a trainer is all about in my mind.

My approach is based off of my own unique style, evolution, and philosophies. I humbly invite you to step out of the conventional into my unique world of fitness. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been at it as long as I have, my system will take you to a totally new level that, trust me, is extremely hard to come into contact with other than by word of mouth.

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