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by Вениамин Каверин I have always enjoyed the books of Kaverin. My Russian background and my childhood make me enjoy these books and especially the most famous one, "The Two Captains". Kaverin's books are about the ideals that are forever in every culture and country — honesty, honor, trust, truth, and love. "The open book" is one of these books. Although it may remind you (stilistically and plot-wise) of the famous "Two Captains", it does have its own style and attraction. After reading this book, you will see the world of Soviet Russia long gone, but not the world we all know it was — cruel and full of the Communism despotism. We see the world of idealistic young people who are trying to change the world for the better — world of happy people who are never sick. The plot is concentrated about the life of microbiologists and doctors... But somehow, this book reminds me of "Gone with the Wind"... The world that is gone...
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