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by A.J. Bakke Editor's Note ~
A delightful romp through the galaxies of imaginative thought, this compendium of sci-fi tales covers a range of:
...Emotions; from bordering on comedic, to the pathos of a sacrificial act, to the healing power of love.
...Classic sci-fi characters; the reckless bravado of the "Action Guy", the pensive "Wronged by Fate", the "Malevolent Villain", the "Bright Eyed Kid", and a host of others to round out the cast with a good smattering of oddballs that step just outside the lines of common types.
...And beloved speculative situations; from the Daring Rescue, to Science Gone Haywire, to pushing the boundaries of space exploration and the resulting life changing find.

If you love a quick read, this collection will keep you happy for a long time, with it's gathering of stories from across the cosmos, by authors from across the country.

And if you give Space Kitties, Feline Forays Through The Galaxies a try, be sure to stop back around and tell me how you liked it. :-)

Enjoy the read!
E. Kaiser Writes

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