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by Chautona Havig Nolan Burke has everything a man could hope for- well, except for a wife. In his search for a genuine relationship, he's come up empty handed. Desperate for a change of scenery (and desperate for an escape from the attentions of aggressive Rockland women), he's relocating to Brunswick. He is not prepared for Grace. Independent, strong, and decidedly feminine, Grace Buscher is living her childhood dream. While friends and family watch concerned and amazed, she pinches pennies into dollars as the most successful (and only) house-spinster in the greater Rockland area. When Nolan meets Grace, two worlds collide resulting in accidents, misunderstandings, and one silly serenade to a mouse. Noble Pursuits is the introductory book in the Rockland Chronicles series by Chautona Havig. Coming soon: Past Forward- diamond of yesteryear in a contemporary setting.

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