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by Ron Felber THE KAFKA SOCIETY by Ron Felber finds Jack Madson, (A MAN OF INDETERMINATE VALUE), on another adventure. After a night of clubbing, Jack has no memory of how stripper, Amber Starr got into his bed. Great sex doesn t make up for the discovery of a severed head in the trunk of his Mustang convertible. Is Madson a murderer? Before that question can be answered he finds himself helping old high school nemesis, Tom Dougherty, FBI s head of East Coast Operations, to get disentangled from a blackmail scam set up by porn queen Havana Spice. Reluctantly, Madson agrees and it's through Havana that the mask is lifted from Dougherty to expose him as head of a criminal organization that specializes in the most monstrous of enterprises: global human trafficking, run from the underground tunnels beneath New York City, directed by a coterie of intellectual thugs known as the Kafka Society. Once again, the reader follows Madson through a wealth of evil and exotic pleasures before the exciting conclusion of this thrilling page turner."

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