Dave Porter and His Rivals, Or, the Chums and Foes of Oak Hall PDF

by Edward Stratemeyer Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: o- CHAPTER IV AN UNEXPECTED ARRIVAL " This is the time we get the best of Dave Porter " whispered Link Merwell to his cronies. " I guess we have spoiled their picnic." ildon't think th?they'll fight," faltered Nat, as Dave leaped to the ground, followed by his chums. " Better arm yourselves with clubs," suggested Nick Jasniff. " Remember, we are only three to five." " Maybe we had better?er?go away," returned the money-lender's son, hesitatingly. " No, I am going to see the thing out," answered Jasniff. " So am I," added Merwell. " Don't go, Nat ?they won't dare to fight?with the girls looking " Whoa, there Whoa " came a cry from behind the two touring cars, and looking back the boys and girls saw a man drive up on a buckboard drawn by a spirited horse. " Why, if it isn't Jed Sully " cried Ben. " Who is he ? " questioned Sam. " Sort of a roadmaster in these parts. I suppose he is going around, inspecting the roads and bridges." " Then he ought to be able to tell us about this road " put in Phil, quickly. "Hello What's the meaning of this?" demanded Jed Sully, after alighting. And he strode forward and confronted the boys. " How are you, Mr. Sully? " said Dave, for he had met the roadmaster before. "Oh, so it's you, Dave Blocked up, eh?" And the roadmaster looked first at Dave and his chums and then at those standing on the other side of the barrier. " Who did this ? " " They did," answered Roger, and pointed to the other crowd. "What for?" And the roadmaster's voice grew a bit hard. " Nat Poole, there, claims that his father has a right to close this road," explained Dave. " He put up a barrier some distance back, but we passed it. Now he and his friends have put up this." " And we want to know if they have a right...

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