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by Anthony A. Lee The same urgent and controversial social problems seem to grab the headlines and occupy the attention of the world's leaders day after day—year after year. These pressing issues continue to perplex and frustrate all of humanity: world peace and disarmament, the threat of nuclear weapons, poverty, racism, feminism, Marxism. Where do the Bahá'ís stand on these questions?
Circle of Unity: Bahá'í Approaches to Current Social Issues is an attempt to answer that question. Included are ten provocative essays by various authors who offer their own unique and profound insights based on their study of the Bahá'í teachings. They are not intended to be authoritative statements of the Bahá'í positions: indeed, differing views on the same topics have intentionally been included. Together the essays demonstrate the penetrating understanding which the Bahá'í teachings offer us. This book is a pioneering effort to promote discussion of social issues with world vision and spiritual perspective.

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