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by Babette Lansing A Funny Book For Kids With Jokes About The Butt

The Human Butt Book, a Kids Book About a Special Body Part Belonging to the Human Anatomy

Are you a "butt" person? Have you ever wondered how people of all sizes, shapes, races, and colours ended up with the kind of butts they have today? Then this book is for you! The Human Butt Book is a wonderfully comical adventure that explores the origins of human butts from yellow butts to red butts to saggy butts to hairy butts! You will discover that every person alive has his or her own ingenious fable to tell as to how their ancestors ended up with the unique rear ends that characterize them to this day. Whether you choose to begin with the ancient African butt legend, or the hilarious story behind big butts,
The Human Butt Book will keep you in stitches right up to the very last page!

Set at a low promotion price, "The human Butt Book" is currently available at the Amazon Kindle Store and can be conveniently downloaded by young readers who have already acquired the skill of reading for themselves and by parents who will read to the younger children who have not yet begun to read. Either way, "The Human Butt Book" will prove to be a funnyexperience of exploringthe most interesting body part of the human anatomy.

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