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by Expert Book Reviews Expert Book Reviews presents a comprehensive review, analysis and plot summary of John Green's novel The Fault in Our Stars.

Green explores the relationship between 16-year-old Hazel, who trails an oxygen cart, and Augustus, a charismatic boy who lost a leg to bone cancer. The review helps readers place the couple's story in context and explore the nature of transcendent experiences.

A great choice for book club discussions, John Green's novel explores classic themes regarding the value of youth and friendship and getting the most out of life. The Fault in Our Stars tells a bittersweet tale of love, and its renowned status and plans for movie adaptation foretell that the book is destined to become a classic for young adults. The comprehensive review & analysis gives buyers and potential buyers a complete synopsis (with spoiler alerts!), analysis of literary themes, information about the author, and an easy-to-read discussion of the questions and issues that the novel raises.


As the book states, you can find the infinite within a finite period. John Green tells a story of relationships and the things that matter most. Read the review to decide whether to buy the book for yourself, your kids or as a gift. Don't worry about spoiling the surprise. Each Review & Analysis has a spoiler-alert section that you can skip if you prefer. If you liked John Green's Looking for Alaska or Paper Towns, you'll love The Fault in Our Stars.

This Book Review & Story Analysis conveniently lays out the hidden gems: plot points you might miss, symbols that only become obvious on a second or third read-through, and themes that affect your understanding of the story.

Table of Contents
• Book Review
• Section about author John Green
• Character Reference List
• Chapter-by-Chapter Plot Summary & Story Analysis
• Major Themes & Symbols
• Analysis of Key Characters
• Book Club Discussion Questions & Responses

It's like discussing the novel with your friends or going to a book club meeting. But you don't need to drive anywhere!

Packaged together in a fun and entertaining format, the entire discussion is delivered instantly to your device. If you haven't read The Fault in Our Stars yet, we'll let you know what to expect with savvy analysis and an honest review. If you're already reading the novel, then we'll be your tour guide through every chapter, heightening your enjoyment at every moment of intrigue, suspense, and humor.

Regardless, this is your map when you're deep in the intricate sub-plots and fascinating imagery of John Green's novel. You'll see the book in a whole new way.

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