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by George Fletcher M U N S T E R Edited by OEORGE FLETCHER, F. G. S., M. R. I. A. With Maps, Diagrams and IlJustratic CAMBRIDGE AT TWE UNIVERSITY PRESS 1921 EDITORS NOTE THE aim of this series is to offer, in a readable form, an account of the physical features of Ireland, and of the economic and social activities of its people. It deals therefore - with matters of fact rather than with matters of opinion and, for this reason, it has happily been found possible to avoid political controversy. Ireland deserves to be known for her varied scenery, her wealth of archaeological and antiquarian lore, her noble educa tional traditions, and her literary and artistic achieve ments. The progress and status of Ireland as an agricultural country are recognised and acknowledged, but her industrial potentialities have, until recently, been inadequately studied. The causes of the arrested development of her industries have been frequently dealt with. Her industrial resources, however, demand closer attention than they have hitherto received their economic significance has been enhanced by modern applications of scientific discovery and by world-wide economic changes. It is hoped that these pages may contribute to the growing movement in the direction of industrial reconstruction. It is unusual to enlist the services of many writers in a work of modest dimensions, but it was felt that the more condensed an account, the more necessary was it i MUNSTER to secure authoritative treatment. It is hoped that the names of the contributors will afford a sufficient guarantee that the desired end has been achieved. The editorial task of co-ordinating the work of these contributors has been made light and agreeable by their friendlyco-operation. The scope of the volumes and the mode of treatment adopted in them suggest their suitability for use in the higher forms of secondary schools. A notable reform is in course of accomplishment in the teaching of geog raphy. The list of place-names is making room for the more rational study of a country in relation to those who dwell in it, and of these dwellers in relation to their environment, G. F. . DUBLIN, November ist, 1921 CONTENTS ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY. By R. A. STEWART MACALISTER, Litt. D., F. S. A., Professor of Celtic Archaeology, University College, Dublin. ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY ...... i Population ........ 5 TOPOGRAPHY. By R. LLOYD PRAKGER, B. A., B. E., M. R. I. A., Librarian, National Library of Ireland. TOPOGRAPHY ........ 6 Mountains . . . . . . . . 12 Rivers and Lakes . . . . . . 18 Traffic Routes . . . . . . - 35 Round the Coast ....... zg Counties and Towns . . . . . . 38 Co. Kerry. ....... 38 Co. Cork ........ 42 Co. Waterforcl ....... 48 Co. Tipperary ....... 48 Co. Limerick . . . . . . . 51 Co. Clare ........ 52 G-EOLOGY. By ISAAC SWAIN, B. A., A. R. C. Sc., M. R. I. A., Professor of Geology and Geography, University College, Cork ....... 53 THE GLACIAL PERIOD . .... 64 SOILS ......... 73 MINES, MINERALS, AND QUARRIES .... 74 viii MUNSTER PAGE BOTANY. By K. LLOYD PRAEGER, B. A., B. E., M. R. I. A BOTANY ......... 78 Mac gillie uddys Reeks ...... So The Killamey Lakes 82 Cork ......... 84 The Biirren Limestones ..... 84 The Galtees ....... 87 The Shannon Estuary ...... 88 Louph l erg ....... 88 ZOOLOGY. By R. LLOYD PRAEGER, B. A., B. E., M. R. I. A. 92 ANTIQUITIES. By E. C. R. ARMSTRONG, F. S. A., M. R. I. A., Keeper of Irish Antiquities, National Museum, Dublin........ 104 ARCHITECTURE. By E. C. R. ARMSTRONG, F. S. A., M. R. I. A 117 Monastic Foundations . . ., . .117 Cathedrals ........ 126 Churches ........ 134 Castles ........ 135 ADMINISTRATION. By G. FLETCHER, F. G. S., M. R. I. A., Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruc tion for Ireland . . . . . . .139 Education 141 INDUSTRIES AND MANUFACTURES. By G. FLETCHER, F. G. S., M. R. I. A i 49 Agriculture . . . . . . . .156 Fisheries ........ 158 DISTINGUISHED MUNSTRRMEN. By R. I BEST D Litt ILLUSTRATIONS PACK Cottages in the Killarney Mountains . . ...

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