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by Barbara Stok Barbara Stok briefly studied at the Fotoacademie and worked as a journalist, before ultimately choosing the profession of comic-book writer and illustrator. In her debut, Barbaraal tot op het bot (Barbara: The Bare Bones, 1998), Stok depicted her own everyday life in the form of comic strips. Concerts, nights out, getting drunk, the first steps on the path to love, the fear of death – Barbara Stok focuses on a range of themes but always with a light touch. She constantly poses questions about the meaning of life and about right and wrong. Robert Crumb once called her stories "quite funny, well-told, courageously truthfull".

She has become well known for her candid autobiographical comic strips. In 2009, she won the Stripschapprijs, one of the most prestigious comic awards in the Netherlands, for her entire oeuvre. In addition to her work for newspapers and magazines, she has nine books to her name. Her book 'Vincent' is published many countries around the world.

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