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by John A. Keel Metadisc Books serves up another zinger with "The Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone," a collection of magazine articles and lectures by John A. Keel, the man many consider to have been not only the premiere investigator of all things unusual and “Fortean,” but who was also our very own, twentieth-century “Mark Twain.” Many of the articles in this anthology and its companion volumes, "Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind" and "Searching for the String," were revolutionary, and explored ideas popularized in Keel’s classic books. Written in Keel’s engaging trademark style, they are sure to delight fans with their fresh, unparalleled insights into the nature of reality.

In these pages, John Keel displays the keen observational skills and investigative tenacity that made him the enfant terrible of ufology for decades. In this no-holds-barred analysis – much of it written almost 50 years ago – Keel shreds most of the sacred-cow beliefs still held by many in ufological and “cryptozoological” circles today, and presents theories so radical that they are only now becoming accepted: the “4-D” or “interdimensional” thesis; the “breakaway civilization” theory; the possible role of “ancient aliens” in human history; the synthetic and/or hallucinatory nature of many “alien abduction” and “Men in Black” encounters; the role of spy agencies in paranormal research; and the alarming connection between UFOs, animal mutilations, and attacks on unsuspecting humans.

In short, "The Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone" is witty, incisive, impassioned, and prescient, and cohesively brings Keel’s message into focus in a way that perhaps no other book has. This 2013 edition features illuminating forewords by noted researchers Leon Davidson and Doug Skinner, as well as an introduction by the editor, Andy Colvin.

“The real deal… A true, cutting-edge original.” –Jeffery Pritchett, The Church of Mabus

“After Keel introduced me to The Superspectrum, I was never quite the same…” –Adam Gorightly

“Goes deep into the mystery… A fascinating read…” –Tessa B. Dick

"Insightful… A leading light of 4-D saucering…" –Jim Moseley, Saucer Smear

“My favorite all-time human being…” –Skylaire Alfvegren, L.A. Weekly

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