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by Charles Eric Maine From 1957, THE ISOTOPE MAN was the first of three novels to feature Mike Delaney, science reporter. The author, Charles Eric Maine(1921-1981) was a British writer that also worked in television and movies.

The story here had an interesting genesis. It was first made into a thirty minute television show, then developed into a film(The Atomic Man in America, Time-Slip in England) in 1955, then finally the novel a couple of years later.

Mike Delaney spots a photo of a man, barely alive, pulled from the Thames, with two bullets in his back. He recognizes the man as Dr. Stephen Raynor, an American scientist he'd interviewed a couple of years before. There was a mysterious fog around the body, dismissed as bad film by the police.

Delaney keeps insisting on the man's identity, a man who sounds educated, but gives nonsensical answers to all questions. Also, the company Raynor worked for insists that he's at work that very minute supervising work on a coming test of a new reactor.

The man superficially resembles Raynor, his face partially bandaged from a car accident, and the husky voice the result of a cold.

So they say.

Delaney is suspicious and begins an investigation. Much to they dismay of the police and his editor at the magazine. He corrals his girl friend, a photographer, to help.

A company in South America is involved, thugs of dangerous looking visages pursue him, and a thrilling climax finish the story off.

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