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by Stan Lee The first 12 issues of Tales of Suspense which introduced Iron Man, from 1963.Tony Stark, rich industrialist, is captured by the tyrant Wong-Chu in Vietnam while demonstrating one of his inventions for the U.S. military.A landmine goes off, placing shrapnel near Stark's heart and putting him at his captor's mercy.He is forced to make weapons but instead creates a gadget-laden iron suit which both saves his life and allows him to escape.Stark later upgrades the bulky gray suit to a bulky yellow suit, and then to his classic trim red-and-yellow suit in issue 48.In later issues, the supporting characters of Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan are introduced, Stark has a run-in with the X-Man Angel, and classic Iron Man villains such as the Crimson Dynamo and the Mandarin rise from the Communist countries to threaten Stark's and America's interests.

More enjoyable Silver Age weirdness in my trip through the beginnings of all of the original Avengers.Again (as with Thor) it feels like Stan Lee unduly forces Stark to remain a secret identity in order to facilitate a love triangle between Stark, Happy, and Pepper.Iron Man finds some long-lasting enemies in this first volume, but he also fights some lame ones like the Queen of the Netherworld, Mister Doll, and Jack Frost.Iron Man feels like the most dated of all of the Silver Age Marvel heroes I've read so far, mainly due to his reliance on super-science that makes little sense in a modern context.Stark relies on transistors and magnets (and wall outlets!) to power his suit, all of which I'm sure were more mysterious back then than they are today.The Iron Man of today always seems plausible and on the bleeding edge of what might be real (assisted greatly by the recent films), but it does lead me to wonder how dated the technology of today's Iron Man might appear years from now.

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