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by Harry Vardon Tiger Woods continues setting the golf world afire through his incredible talent for the game. Few golfers would dare claim greater ability in hitting that dimpled little round ball, but one who easily can was Harry Vardon. In addition to Woods, Vardon's achievements are best compared to those of Bobby Jones and Jack Nicklaus when discussing the history of golf; but Vardon easily transcends even Jones and Nicklaus in his overall contributions to the game.Vardon possessed even more talents than those he showed with such verve on the course. He wrote classic books on golf (such as this one), popularized the overlapping grip known worldwide as the 'Vardon' grip — used by 70% of all golfers — and designed golf courses still in play today. Throughout his life he displayed a consistent passion and love of the game and has contributed immensely to it. The sun no longer always shines on the British Empire, but somewhere in the world every day, on a sun drenched field of lush green grass, golfers vigorously address golf balls using the Vardon grip. Anyone not believing Harry Vardon had a major influence on golf should, if you will excuse me saying so, get a grip on their game!

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