After the Tears Melt - Vol. 2 (The Muse, #4) PDF

by M.D. James I read this off a friend's Kindle while house sitting. I read the whole series. I think the ideas were so so, but honestly, the amount of mistakes, calling characters by the wrong names, Jimmy instead of Zack and some others, the very poor layout, missing words, wrong words, misspelled words..I couldn't enjoy any of the series. As the books progress, the errors got worse. This author wanted to spit out fast books rather then quality. The plots are just so so, and this author's Kindle books should be given away free as they are VERY short, and not very good. I don't recommend this series at all. I'm all for indie authors..but a line has to be drawn some where. The books move so incredibly fast, with tragedy after's nothing but that. The way descriptions are written..some are just distasteful and don't even go with the flow of the book especially through the mind of a 13 year old, which is where the book series begins. So this is the last of the series so far, and I can't imagine anyone comparing this author to V.C. Andrews...

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