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by David Sherwin I'm not a designer or even someone who works in a strictly creative industry (unless you consider business consulting "creative") so with that caveat, here is my review.

I was interested in this book because partly because I like exercises to stimulate ideas and solutions to problems (even seemingly boring business problems). And also because I deliver training sessions and so I'm always on the lookout for ways to give people insights. If it takes a creative exercise to bring about an ah-ha moment, then I'll include one in the training, however tangential it may seem.

The author endeared himself to me early on by saying, "As architect Matthew Fredrick notes,"being process-oriented, not product-driven, is the most important and difficult skills for a designer to develop." Being aware of your working process as a designer and reshaping it to fit the problem presented to you is a lifelong practice that will define your career...Your design process consists of the living, breathing flow of actions that you take - some conscious, some unconscious - as part of solving a client problem. As you repeat similar types of design projects, you become more proficient in identifying which of these actions lead to a well-designed result. But we radically improve our skills when forced outside of our comfort zone and asked to solve problems that seem foreign, or use tools or method that seem alien to us."

Much of the above paragraph can be applied to decision-making (at least as I advocate it). Yes, I'm cautious about liking books that agree with my thinking and principles but sometimes (I recklessly think) it's just fun and comforting to do so!

I liked the book as a spur to stimulate thoughts, most of the exercises were too challenging for me (or perhaps I just have low design esteem). So this rating comes with a strong note of the opening caveat.

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