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by Sheila Copeland This book told the story of 4 characters. Each chapter is dedicated to one of those characters. I think that structure made the story flow nicely and I think it made for an easier read because you don't get bored reading about the same few characters in every single chapter. The content of this book was not what I had initially expected, I had initially thought that this book might be Christian fiction but there was some profanity in it and there weren't really any scripture references. Although it wasn't quite what I had expected, I was glad that the author did touch on some of the topics that she did touch on such as Christians having premarital sex. One of the characters seemed a little too naive to me (if you read the book you'll know which one I'm talking about). As a Christian you can uphold certain principles and morals but don't be so naive to think that everyone who calls themselves a Christian will uphold the same morals and principles at you. Even though I felt that the ending was rather thrown together, overall I did enjoy the book.

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