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by Kendra Smith-Howard Milk is pure isn't it…? After all it comes straight from the cow.Well technically yes, but…

This book takes a deep look at a product that nearly everybody consumes, which is fairly uniform and yet it can vary tremendously. The product we get from the store - even allowing for small differences in packaging and the amount of fat present - has changed tremendously after being dispensed from the cow. There is a whole raft of regulations and requirements from different authorities and even suppliers to comply with, involving expensive and complex processes that make small but subtle changes to the "product".Milk is also delivered in many different forms other than just plain milk too and that spawns a whole host of different changes.

Certainly this is a book that gets you thinking and you get a barrage of information that perhaps you don't strictly need to know yet you will be a better informed consumer along the way. Yet the typical consumer doesn't care as long as they get the type of milk they desire. The consumer trusts that "the authorities" and "the suppliers" follow the rules and deliver a fresh product. Less care as to whether the milk is organic or not or whether the milk comes from one country or another. Milk is milk, they will say, but anyone who has tasted real "from the tap" cow milk will notice a difference. The further it gets along the production chain perhaps the harder it is to differentiate.

This is clearly an academically-focussed book with verbose chapter names such as "Reforming a Perilous Product: Milk in the Progressive Era" and "Reassessing the Risks of Nature: Milk after 1950" yet it need not be out of the reach of the average, interested reader. It certainly will have you thinking about the relationship society has to milk and give a great overview as to the changing face of milk and reasons behind many of these changes.

Sadly the price might make it less available for the more casual reader but it is very reasonably priced for such a focussed piece of research. The end of the book features a mass of notes and bibliographic references that will surely enable even the most assiduous researcher or student to be kept busy for a very long time indeed. Credit must be given for the book managing to balance the needs for detailed academic writing and the desire of making it accessible to the average reader as this balance can be very, very hard to achieve.

This reviewer enjoyed the book and whilst it is clearly not going to be something for everybody, it could be a very interesting and valuable read for people who care about the environment, the source and nature of their food and drink or those who even have an interest in the business side of milk.

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