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by Charles Hayes Bestselling author Charles Hayes applies his unique style and approach to the Junior Certificate history course in this new textbook. Online testing for homework and revision is available for this textbook at - a practical and fun way for students to test their skills.


Carefully designed to fully satisfy all the requirements of Junior Certificate exam questions and covers all the exam questions in recent years

Contains all that is needed for students to achieve A-grades in Junior Certificate History

Contains numerous 'People in History' and other exam-focused case studies


The most concise, yet comprehensive textbook on the market - you will complete the course with time to spare!

Clear key-point summaries at the end of each chapter

End of chapter activities to promote recall and retention

Clear definitions of important terms


Colourful double-page spreads are used to present history in an easy-to-remember and vibrant style

Text is sharp, crystal clear and pitched carefully to the reading levels of Junior Certificate students

COMPANION WORKBOOKAccompanied by a full colour workbook which contains exam questions and exam-tuition hints to reinforce knowledge and to develop the skills needed by each student to achieve their full exam potential.

Online testing for homework and revision is available for this textbook on

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