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by Kristen Niedfeldt The magical story continues in this sequel and final resolution to Ending the Rain: A Fairy Tale.

Fairy tales end with a kiss… But that is really only the beginning…

Abigail has found true love, but will she ever be able to secure her happily ever after? A persistent matchmaker, determined soldiers, and forbidden spells will all be thrown in her path as she endeavors to preserve her life by hiding in the Northern Kingdom.

But she knows that she cannot hide from her enemies forever. When her best friend, Lacey, discovers an important document, Abigail realizes that the time has finally come to give up the comforts and security of her new home. But will she have the courage necessary to risk everything- even her life- to try to reclaim what is rightfully hers?

After all, “happily ever after’s” don’t just happen. You have to fight for them.

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