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by O. Henry Creepy ending!:/How on earth a friend does such thing after 20 years???? :|||

** EDITED **
Alright that was my first review when I read the book for the first time.
I take back everything I said :D
After a discussion we had today in our class, I must say O. Henry is awesome in ending his stories with a surprise!!
First I thought it's kinda unfair when Jimmy arrested his friend on their appointment after 20 years! And I still think it IS!! At least for the sake of their friendship he shouldn't have done it and should have left it to other cops :D
Although Bob was a criminal,but he came a thousand miles to see his friend and it shows that he knew he might be arrested,but he came anyway cause their friendship was more important to him!!
Not a happy ending,but quite a good short story :)

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