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by Peter Ford <h2> How To Lose Weight?</h2>
Now there's a question we would all like an answer to! The problem is, what most of us really want to know is 'how to lose weight easily,' and there lies one of the biggest problems facing all dieters, and it's the reason a new fad diet seems to appear every year.

In our ‘I want it right now’ society, we are all looking for a diet plan that offers an easy, quick fix, so when we hear about the amazing weight loss supposedly achieved by users of the latest fad diet, it ticks all the boxes and is just what we all want to hear - so we rush headlong into it.

But in this rush to achieve effortless weight loss , we choose to ignore our common sense which is telling us that no diet plan is ever going to be that easy, and sure enough, within a couple of weeks we're back where we started. Deep down we always knew this would happen, because deep down we know that if we really want to lose weight it's going to take a bit of effort and determination.

<h3> If Weight Loss Was Easy We Would All Be Slim</h3>
Don't believe me? Well, how many times have you started on a weight loss program only to give up after just a few weeks? I know you probably will have done this before, because nearly everyone does. In fact, did you know that over 90% of dieters fail! Would that be the case if weight loss was so easy?

When you first decide to lose weight and get in better shape, you can compare yourself to a person who decides to give up smoking - especially if you have been overweight for a number of years and have struggled with bad eating habits for just as long. Like smoking, drinking, and drug abuse, overeating is a strong habit that can take considerable determination to overcome.

<h3> If Only Simple Meant Easy</h3>
But effective weight loss is simple enough. All you need is a healthy eating plan, discipline and determination. It's not rocket science, and we all know it, yet the majority of us choose to hop from fad diet to fad diet in a desperate attempt to discover how to lose weight without ever really having to put much effort in.

Yet we all know anyone doing this rarely manages to see real, lasting, weight loss. Our determination is undermined before we even start because we're promised an "easy way to lose weight,” and that if we follow the newest “lose weight in minutes” fad diet we just cannot fail. And we choose to believe it!

Of course, there are always some people who will make some progress with any fad diet – until they unexpectedly come up against one of the inevitable weight loss obstacles they didn’t know about and weren't warned about! This is nearly always a step too far, and as they are not prepared for it they don’t have the determination to cope.

<h2> How To Lose Weight (The Focused Fat Loss Way)</h2>
Does the above sound familiar? Is weight loss this difficult for you too? Well, you are not on your own. As I already mentioned, over 90% of dieters fail! Why is that failure rate so high? I believe there are several reasons why we're all set to fail before we even start and in this book I will explain them to you. I'll also tell you about some of the weight loss obstacles you can expect to face. Armed with this information you will have a much better chance of achieving dieting success and having the beautiful body you deserve.

I am not a weight loss expert, nor am I a nutritionist, and I have no medical training whatever. All I am is someone who has developed an interest in health and wellbeing. How To Lose Weight (The Focused Fat Loss Way) is NOT a new fad diet.

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