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by Expert Book Reviews Patricia Cornwell fans anticipate the latest murder mystery involving Dr. Kay Scarpetta as she continues serving justice as Massachusetts' Chief Medical Examiner in Dust. Readers new to the 21-part series will have no trouble connecting with the protagonist who narrates the story. When Scarpetta receives her newest case, a murdered grad student from MIT, she embarks on one of the most complex journeys of her career. The novel Dust is filled with political corruption and nefarious financial masterminds in a highly detailed world provided by Cornwell's expertise with words.

Through first-person narrative of Dust, readers experience the troubled thoughts of Dr. Scarpetta as she deals with the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy and her own critical perception of society. Those with a passion for mystery and forensics will quickly become immersed in the realistic environment Cornwell has created in Dust. Find out how the author's personal background and career influenced her characters and the Kay Scarpetta series. This review features critical views of Dust, including the book's strengths and drawbacks. Dive into the fast-paced plot as you uncover hidden connections between law enforcement authorities, past murder cases, and Scarpetta's own family members.

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